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INF506 Assignment 1; Social Networking

Posted by sarahelliott on July 26, 2010

I think that social networking is the assembly of people who gather together either physically or virtually in order to communicate and collaborate with each other. The reason for the formation of such networks may be personal or professional. Given that this subject focuses on digital social networking, I too will concentrate on this in this OLJ reflection.

Whilst I do not quite qualify as a digital native, I have been online for approximately 14 years and consider myself to be fairly confident in using the internet. I am a member of several social networks, including Facebook, Ning, CSUinteract, Wikispaces, Google Sites, WordPress, IBO OCC, ECIS MoodleSosius, It’s learning and Friends Reunited. I have used Facebook, Friends Reunited and Ning for personal reasons, such as organising social events and maintaining and developing friendships  with people who live both nearby and also in other countries. In addition, I have used Facebook, Ning, CSUInteract, the IBO OCC, the ECIS Moodle and Socius for building professional contacts and CSUInteract, Facebook, WordPress, the IBO OCC, the ECIS Moodle and Socius for studying and professional development. Finally, I have used Wikispaces, It’s Learning and Google Sites to create virtual learning environments for both students and staff in my role as Teacher Librarian.

Throughout INF506, I expect also to gain a greater understanding about matters of privacy and security in relation to the internet and social networking. I hope to learn about more Web 2.0 technologies and how they can be applied in my role as teacher-librarian.  I am excited by the project that we can create for our assessment, as I would love the opportunity to put what we are learning into immediate practice. In particular, I hope to learn about opportunities for how the use of Web 2.0 technologies and social networking may raise the profile of the school library and help us greater meet the needs of our students. As stated in the OCLC report, people today have a desire to connect (OCLC report, Social Spaces, p. 17) and I believe that social sites can help us create effective, interactive virtual libraries that will enable us to develop stronger connections and interactions with our students, thus improving the services that we offer and maximising the students’ learning opportunities.


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