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What can I tell you about me?
I am a youngish (28), British, Primary trained teacher. I am happily married to my fantastic husband Jonathan and am Mamma to 2 beautiful girls – aged 3 months and 21 months. We live and work in Norway in an International school and before moving here we lived in France and worked in another IBO school. We have often been asked why we moved from the hot and beautiful South of France to the cold and … yes, colder still South of Norway! Well, if you can get past the fact that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in and that it has very snowy and pretty cold winters, you get to discover the beauty that is Norway.
This is a stunning place, it is the longest European country and is nearly 3 times bigger than England, but has a population of just 4.6 million. So, this is one spacious country – the exact opposite of our motherland! There is such diverse and beautiful countryside to discover here – coastlines, fjords, lakes, mountains, glaciers… The values that are of importance to the Norwegian society (namely that of the family) are also of greatest significance to us. We are not interested in image, material possessions or wealth… We live for our family, taking each day as it comes and enjoying it to a maximum together. Norway allows for this in a way that we have never seen in any other country – so I guess, that’s why we moved here :-).
On the professional side…
My first degree is in languages. On completing it, I moved out to France with no idea of what job I would find when I got there. I somehow chanced upon a job as a teaching assistant in an International School and that’s how I got into teaching. I always swore when I was growing up that I would never become a teacher! My mum was a teacher and I just couldn’t see the attraction… but once I got to France, I fell in love with working with Primary aged students. After 2 years of working as an assistant, I moved back to the UK to complete my Primary PGCE. As soon as I qualified, I then returned to France and went back to work in the same school, but that time as a class teacher to Grade 3 and Grade 4.
We then moved to Norway and I began to work in the international school here as a support teacher and then class teacher with Grade 1 and 2. At the start of this year, I took on the responsibility of starting up our school library. My interest did not come from any previous library experience, but more from the desire to improve the learning resources that were available to our students. We are a candidate school for the IBO programme, one which is driven by inquiry learning, yet we had pretty poor resources. I have worked together with the other teachers to compose lists of suitable resources – print and digital that will help support the implementation of our programme. It was whilst setting up the basis of our library (that I now like to call a resource centre!) that I totally fell in love with the idea of being a teacher-librarian. But, I feel like I need proper training in this area and so that’s how I came to be studying on this course – the Master of Education in Teacher Librarianship…
In time my initial post will be archived away, so below is another copy of my thoughts from the start of this new adventure…
So, here I am at the start of what seems like an almost impossible journey… I’m beginning my Master of Education in Teacher Librarianship at Charles Sturt University in Australia. For those of you who know me, you may be thinking “Australia? What?”. Of course, as I’m living in Norway, this is an online distance course. Something that I would never have thought I could have the motivation to complete, but this is one course that I am so genuinely interested in that I am determined to succeed!
It’s going to be a long journey and I don’t expect that it’ll be an easy one, but with the help and support of my wonderful husband, I hope that it will be an enjoyable and enriching experience.
Like any explorer, I am filled with both excitement and trepidation. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go!

This is how I see myself - a tiny little boat in the middle of a large ocean, facing the unknown, making a voyage of discovery
This is how I see myself – a tiny little boat in the middle of a large ocean, facing the unknown, making a voyage of discovery








One Response to “Profile”

  1. Jonathan said

    I think many of us teachers who have not embarked on further training don’t appreciate the commitment and apprehension that those other professionals like you feel on starting a masters such as this. I am jealous of the new learning path you are just beginning, and would love to do something similar one day – though you have proved that you don’t just ‘talk the talk’! It is amazing to see how quickly you have been hooked by the course already, and I am sure that you will be incredibly successful in it, even if there are moments of stress and nerves! I know that you and all the schools you will work in throughout your career will benefit enormously from it! Your family are very proud of you!

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