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Professional Development Day

Posted by sarahelliott on March 9, 2010

Last October, I organised  Professional Development day for 3 IB schools (candidate or authorised) in the South of Norway. Staff from local Norwegian schools were also invited to attend, as were the teachers of the IB Diploma at the town’s high school. Overall, we were about 50 professionals, responsible for teaching students from age 6 – 19. The focus for the day was student-centred learning in the 21st century.

I invited 2 guest speakers over. Ingrid Skirrow gave a workshop in the morning on the main theme of the day and in the afternoon Jamie Williams presented an overview of Web2.0 tools for learning. Group sessions run by various contributors looked at a variety of web2.0 tools in further detail.

It was an extremely successful day and was a real opportunitiy for me to promote the role of the TL in school. It helped raise my profile and also improved our staff’s understanding of what I can do for the school. Part of my thinking behind this day was the idea that in order to bring about change, you need to start with the school faculty. Some participants seemed to be confused initially as to why we chose to take up this theme for the day… they would have preferred to keep the traditional format for our collaborative PD day whereby teachers meet in subject groups and address assessment, unit planners etc etc. However, by the end of the day, they seemed to have been won round. Everyone appeared more engaged in learning, certainly more so than at past shared PD days.

More information about this day and resources from the day can be viewed on this PD wiki that I created.


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