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Posted by sarahelliott on June 5, 2009

One aspect of the role of the teacher librarian that I missed from my original brainstorm was that of collaboration. The fact that I omitted it is not indicative of its importance – it is in fact essential!
Whilst reading about collaboration, I came across a lot of examples of success stories of collaborative partnerships between teacher librarians and class/ subject teachers – such as in the case study Does Collaboration Boost Student Learning? Research clearly supports the idea that collaboration is a key element in enhancing students’ learning outcomes and essential in helping them to develop information literacy skills that will prepare them for life in the 21st century society.
The module readings state that “the role of the TL is maximised in an atmosphere that encourages team work and experimentation where learning is highly sought after”. This quotation highlights two major importances for me; firstly the need for collaboration and secondly the need to step out, break with traditions and try something new. I am excited about discussing the idea of introducing team teaching with class teachers, flexible timetabling with the principal and working with teachers to ensure student-centred, integrated learning.
Collaboration is not always easy, and in our efforts to put it into practice we are going to come up against some resistance. But, if we are going to make a difference, then we have to persevere. I agree that it’s important not to be overamibitious, achievable targets are a must! By initially establishing collaborative partnerships for integrated instruction with just 1 or 2 teachers, other members of staff will witness the benefits and become more confident and enthusiastic about working with us and eventually we can work towards offering a fully integrated curriculum. The support of the principal is imperative, as they will be able to set out expectations for collaboration and encourage teachers to participate.

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