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Trusting information!

Posted by sarahelliott on May 30, 2009

I love this quotation by H. L. Mencken:
For every realistic, complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong
I think that it is a great reminder of the fact that students will often be too trusting of information that they find in a variety of sources. It makes me think about the importance of teaching students to evaluate resources carefully and reflect on what they have found. Ensuring that students are aware of false information is another important aspect of the role of the teacher librarian in school. Exercises in understanding the relevant value of information should help students understand that they need to be selective and choosy! This is particularly significant in the digital age when students are confronted by information overload.

After I wrote this, a link was posted on the ETL401 main forum to an article from the Sydney Morning Herald that supported my own thoughts. Roy talks about the importance of teaching information literacy skills to students so that they are able to discern whether sources are credible or not. I particularly like his final comment: “If anything, the digital era has made a teacher librarian’s job even more relevant.”


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