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feeling low…

Posted by sarahelliott on May 19, 2009

I think I have hit a low point… My laptop has died on me, and typically everything possible was saved on it. I’m trying to gather the energy and strength to start again with my research and work for my second assignment, but right now, it feels like the hardest task in the world to do.

Very dramatic I know, but it feels like a sign that I’m failing on this course. I haven’t received my first assignment back yet and am so worried about it.

The I.T. man is going to look at my laptop tomorrow, but who knows when it will come back to me or if my work will even still be accessible…

Ok, lots to do, many hours to stay awake catching up on everything… Hopefully, this is just a minor blip and it will all be ok – just doesn’t feel that way now!


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