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Hazell Reading – Challenges in teacher librarianship

Posted by sarahelliott on March 3, 2009

Key concerns in the 80s were:

  • ‘Social justice’ meant that the division of school budgets had to change to support the needs of special social groups. This may have meant a smaller library budget, but also a library budget that has to fund more than before, so as to cater for the needs of different groups – ‘gender, cultural, disability and socioeconomic’.
  • ‘Resource based learning’ became more significant in schools, thus changing the importance given to school library and its resources. Teacher-librarians began to have more of an influence on development of school curriculum.
  • ‘Cooperative programme planning and teaching’ – new idea that the teacher and teacher-librarian should work together to develop resource based units of work.
  • ‘Teaching of information skills’ – new ideas that were to be taught to create information literate students who would be able to survive in an information society.
  • ‘Policy statements’ – guidelines to promote role of teacher librarian in learning process.

In relation to the above:

  • What was the role of the teacher-librarian? Important for this to be clearly determined for both TLs and their administrators and colleagues.
  • Better qualified teacher-librarians needed in schools.
  • Better teacher education needed on how to select appropriate materials and how to teach information skills.
  • Money needed to help replace out-of-date resources.
  • Up-to-date standard were needed that reflected the changes in education in that decade.
  • Statistics about school libraries were needed to support requests for better resources, better training and revised standards etc.

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