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K – 12 students Today

Posted by sarahelliott on February 25, 2009

I really like this video. I find it really thought-provoking and as a teacher I like to review it to remind myself about my learners.
It’s true that we are working together with learners who are growing up in a digital society. In school, we need to maximise our use of email, blogging, podcasts and other methods of creating and communicating digitally. The clip shows the reality of the striking difference between how much time children spend using paper resources and digital ones. I love the part where the student says that many of the jobs that they will have don’t even exist today – wow! How do we best prepare them for that? We can’t predict what those jobs will be, but we can try to provide them with the skills that they may need to do them – the skills to create, communicate and think…

2 Responses to “K – 12 students Today”

  1. Emily Williams said

    What a fantastic blog – I’m in awe of you… I shall now have to go back to mine and refine it.

    Congratulations, best one yet!

  2. […] I felt inspired with new ideas as I became engrossed in a wealth of information. In one blog entry (25/2, K – 12 Students Today) I discussed how thought-provoking I found the video A Vision of K – 12 Students Today (Nesbitt, […]

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