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3 Steps for 21st Century Learning

Posted by sarahelliott on February 25, 2009

Another favourite of mine! When I first viewed this clip, I instantly didn’t like the idea of competition being a key skill that children should learn. But, the idea of competing with themselves is something that I do understand and support. I like the international emphasis in this video, especially as I consider myself an international teacher. I work in an International School in a country that I feel isn’t especially international. The general feeling is one of narrow-mindedness and getting our students to be more open-minded can be a challenge. I have looked into some of the websites suggested for creating a more global classroom and have introduced Epals to another teacher in school. She’s going to try to set up a collaborative project with other classrooms around the world.
Not so much emphasis on the digital side of learning here, but more a reminder of the key skills that children should be learning in order to grow, develop and succeed in the 21st Century.

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